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Thursday, 28 December 2017

How Nigerian Authors can Publish their Books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

As a Nigerian writer or author who wants to take advantage of digital book publishing by publishing books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), there are some basic things you need to know. The first being that Amazon KDP platform gives you the opportunity to publish your books in both Kindle (eBook) and Print (paperback) formats which is made available to the whole world through Amazon's national markets.

The next thing is what exactly are the activities involved on getting a book published through Amazon KDP. The following are the basic steps involved in Book publishing through Amazon KDP.

  1. Create a publishing account with Amazon KDP.
  2. Typeset your book in Microsoft Word.
  3. Format the book's manuscript to eBook publishing standard. And if you want to publish it as KDP print (paperback) it has to be formatted to KDP print standard too.
  4. Design eBook cover for the book, and if applicable, a paperback cover too.
  5. Login to your account and publish it.
  6. Note that we can offer you affordable services on points 3 and 4. If you are interested, checkout our services page here.

Another thing that I know will be of great interest to you is the nature of royalties from your books published through Amazon. There are two types of royalties that is 35% and 70% of the list price (the price you set for the book during publishing). For list price below $2.99 you get 35% but for list price above $2.99 you get 70% but make sure you set a price that will encourage prospective buyers to take the risk and hence let it be in accordance to the worth of the book. As for receiving the payment, you use make Payoneer Bank account. See my post on Payoneer here.

Book Publishing Procedures

The most important aspects of book publishing through Amazon KDP are explained below.
  • Login to your KDP account, click on "Kindle eBook" or "Paperback" depending on wether you want to publish an ebook or print book edition, and fill all the forms with the required information. Once you get to the last step where you enter the price, click publish at the bottom of that page to publish the book. Note that as for the print edition, you must first launch the previewer to "Preview" and "Approve" the book.
  • During publishing, you will be required to select two categories for the book. If it is a nonfiction book, click on Nonfiction and then select two categories under nonfiction that the book belongs to and then click the Save button. Make sure that you select appropriate categories that really relates to your book's content, genre, and intended audience.
  • During publishing, you will also be required to fill in keywords or phrases that matches your book in the 7 keywords fields provided. Note that keywords can be a single word or phrases that you think potential readers can use to search for your book on Amazon or the Internet generally. Make sure that you use appropriate keywords that really relates to your book's content and genre.

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