Book Formatting and Book Cover Design Services

We offer quality and Affordable book Formatting and book Cover services for both eBook and print book (paperback).

The following are our standard Services and rates for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:

  1. eBook formatting only (for Amazon I.e MS Word formatted document) at #1700
  2. Paperback (print) Book formatting at #2500 only.
  3. Both eBook and paperback formatting at #4000 only.
  4. epub formatting at #2500 only.
  5. Converting to epub format at #1000 only.
  6. eBook cover design at #2300 only
  7. Paperback (print) Book cover design at #2800 only.
  8. Both eBook and paperback cover design at #4800 only.
  9. Both eBook cover design and eBook formatting at #3800 only.
  10. Both paperback cover design and paperback formatting at #5000 only.

Note that we will also guide you on KDP account creation, opening Payoneer Bank account with which to receive your royalties, Publishing, and Marketing for free as an aid!!

The following are our standard Services and rates for OkadaBooks Publishing (A Nigerian Digital publishing platform suitable for books targeted at Nigerian audience):
  1. Formatting into epub format at #2700 only.
  2. eBook cover design at #1700 only.

You can contact us via any of these media:

Mobile: 07064857544
WhatsApp 07064857544
Facebook (Add me & Chat me up): Click here
The Comment box: You can as well use the comment box on this post to reach out to us.

Cover Design Portfolio

Here are few of my book cover design works.

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