Saturday, 20 January 2018

New Book Project Strategies

As a Nigerian writer who is interested in self-publishing through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, there are things you need to take note of when starting a new book project. Some of these things are as follows.

  • Make sure the book idea fits a worldwide audience (since Amazon market place is suited for this purpose) not only target at Nigerian audience
  • Research the sales potential of the supposed genre of the book idea and see if it is worth it or you will need to optimize it for a different genre. To do this, search for books in that genre or sub-genre in the Amazon store and see how it is fairing in sales through it sales rank.
  • Properly outline the book's chapters and sections/scenes.
  • Research any relevant information.
  • If you have social media followers who are interested in your writing, start building sales momentum for the book by posting your writing progress on your social media outlets to carry them along.
  • Research the nature of the Book cover design and start to work on it too or hire someone who is competent to do it. You can contact us if you need this service through our services page here.
  • Plan and document the launching strategies you will use to promote/market the book. Make sure you used these strategies to give the book a good standing in sales and ranking once it is published. See our earlier post on book marketing here.


It is very important you have writing goal(s). This is because; you will perform better when you have a desired target to attain and also because the more books you have published through amazon kindle direct publishing, the greater the chances of making daily sales since if one title does not sell, another may do. So, always have daily word count targets, monthly word count targets, and number of books to publish annually.


Although, the techniques involved in creative writing are not constant but varies from period to period, genre to genre, and schools of thought. I will consider this topic from two broad perspectives, that is, fiction and nonfiction writing.


The writing of fiction requires the following skills and many others.

  • Sharp and Organized imagination as this involves the creation of scenes that are predominantly abstract.
  • The ability to outline the storyline of the book.
  • The ability to create compelling and expressive characters.
  • The ability to create dialogues that flows.


The writing of nonfiction requires the following skills and many others.

  • The ability to outline the storyline of the book.
  • Being a good researcher.
  • The ability to organize the products of your research.
  • The ability to creatively write the actual book in a manner that it will be informative, interesting, and give a compelling read.

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