Thursday, 28 December 2017

How Nigerian Authors Can Get the Best from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

how nigerian authors can get the best from kdp

Being a writer is a source of joy and creativity just like being a published author is a source of fulfillment and pride. But in all, being an author whose books are selling is the climax.

Thanks to digital publishing and then Amazon the Largest digital publishing platform, an author can now easily monetize his/her craft. The following are five tips that will enable a Nigerian author get the best publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

  • Write books that has the Potential of Selling: This is the most important factor. Ask yourself the question "Will I be willing to put my money on this book if it were written by another author?" Your answer to this question will help you to have a realistic value/potential of the book. If the book has information or entertainment value that will make you buy it, then others can too.
  • Properly edit and proofread it: This will further enhance its value and chances of success.
  • Properly format the content to Amazon KDP standard and design a professional cover for it: These two components are the packaging aspects of the book product. And you know the importance of packaging in sales conversion. We can offer you affordable services in this repect. If you are interested, checkout our services page here
  • Set a right and reasonable Price for it: qualify the book to know what price to set it at. Don't be greedy by thinking that you are targeting westerners and hence you have to prize high. Those people are as careful in spending as you do. To qualify it, compare it with similar books by other successful authors in your genre.
  • Promotion/Marketing: This is also very important. But as a newly published author, you can successfully use Facebook” book groups” to great advantage in marketing your books for free. Also, once you have made enough sales, you can reinvest it into the business by making use of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to promote your books.

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