Sunday, 21 January 2018

How Nigerian Authors can Market or Promote their Books

As an independent and digitally published Nigerian author, one thing you need to pay attention to in addition to writing is "how to market your published books. The easiest and also free method that works is the use of Facebook groups. You have to join Facebook groups for book promotion and marketing. Click here to access the list of of Facebook groups that will be of great help to you. Join as many of them as possible.

But you have to get the link or url of your published books first. Once your book is successfully published, you can follow the steps to get its link: To do that, first login to your Amazon publishing account and copy the book's ASIN number and then follow these steps:
  • Login to Amazon AuthoCentral using your Amazon publishing account email and password through this link.
  • From there, click on the link "Add more books".
  • In the search box provided, paste your book's ASIN number there and click the button "GO".
  • Your book will be displayed, click the "This is my book" button under it and it will be added in to your AuthorCentral Author profile in about ten minutes to one hour later.

You can then click on the book there to go to its Amazon sales page. Once you are on its sales page, you will see its link or URL displayed on the browser URL field. Copy it from there and that is the link for your eBook which you can use to promote it on social media or your website or share it with your friends who may want to buy the book.

Note that this link is the eBook's .com URL (That is Amazon USA market). You can then edit it to the URL of the other national markets. For example, you change the .com to for UK, .com to .ca for Canada, .com to for Australia etc.

Just write a small advert copy or just the books description and include the link of the book and then paste it in those groups. Include the fact that it is a new book.

In fact, from these groups, you will see how other authors are doing it and then take a clue from them too.

Other Standard Book marketing Methods

Another viable marketing option is the use of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to promote your books. Have a look at Amazon's guide on this here  and KBoards guide on it here.

Some things I think you can do to further market your books are: Creating a vibrant author brand through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. As for the print books, you can use facebook page, and offline marketing through newspapers, speech making, and giving free copies to libraries.

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